The Millenium Church, situated in the Fabric district, is the largest Roman-Catholic church in Timisoara. It was built to commemorate 1,000 years since the formation of the Hungarian State, hence its name Millenium.


The History of the church

In 1886, the senior abbot Vudy Antal initiated the formation of a committee in charge with the construction of the church, committee which also had the full support of the major representatives of the free city of Timisoara. The committee had a double leadership: a religious leader, the senior abbot Vudy Antal, and a lay president, Dr. Telbisz Károly, the mayor of Timisoara.

The foundation stone was laid on 4 October 1896 by the archbishop of Cenad, Dessewffy Sándor.

The church was designed by the architect Ybl Lajos and the construction work was carried out by Kremer Jozsef.

The neo-romanesque construction was begun in 1896 and was finished in 1901, the church being consecrated on 13 October 1901.


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